Top 10 Most Extreme, Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

People Love to keep Fishes as Pets, Mostly kids and teens keep fishes as pets in their small and Big Fish Aquariums in homes. Most popular fish is Goldfish, Because of their Much Smaller size and Minimum Maintenance needed and you can Keep goldfish in an Ideal range of temperature of 12-18 degree Celsius.

Mostly people use Small and medium Sized Fish tanks in homes to keep these kind of fishes but There are some Biggest Fish Aquariums that have Ability to Store Millions of gallons of water and capable of keeping biggest Fishes like Sharks and Whales. We Have Compiled a List of Top 10 Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World to show you how big Aquariums are there.

10. Aquarium of Western Australia, Perth:

Aquarium of Western Australia, Perth - Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

Aquarium of Western Australia usually Abbreviated as AQWA. The Primary Tank of AQWA is measured 40 meters by 20 meters featuring a 98 meters tunnel under the water to View the Beauty of Nature Under sea. Maximum Capacity of This Huge Tank is 793,000 Gallons of Seawater. All the Creatures including reefs and Fishes are Alive and Natural and You can Enjoy the Life of Sea Creatures from a too close distance.

9. Aquarium of Genoa, Italy:

Aquarium of Genoa, Italy - Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

Aquarium of Genoa Features more than 6000 Creatures and 500+ species in their 70 tanks. It was Built in early 90s just for the Expo in 1992. Most Popular Displays Show tanks having Sharks and Dolphins. This Aquarium can Hold about 1.3 Million Gallons of Sea Water.

8. Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai, China:

Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai, China - Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

The Shanghai Aquarium is a Public Aquarium located in Shanghai, China. Receiving more than 1 Million Annual Visitors to see its Beauty. having Longest Underwater Tunnel of Its Kind Which is 120 meters which showcases Sharks, Dolphins, Coral Reef, etc. Showcasing more than 450 Spices it can hold about 1.3 Million Gallons of seawater.

7. uShaka Marine World, South Africa:

Ushaka - Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

It’s a 40 Acre Theme Park Opened in 2004 in Durban, South Africa. Features more than 10,000 Fishes and Sea Creatures this Theme park was awarded as Outstanding Achievement in thematic creative design Themed Entertainment Association. This Aquarium can Hold about a Million Gallons of water.

6. Monterey Bay Aquarium, California:

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

Monterey Bay Aquarium Was founded in 1984, on cannery row of the Pacific Ocean Shore line in Monterey, California. Showcasing more than 35000 Animals it receives over 1.8 million of Visitors Each year. According to the Calculations it was having more than 625 Species of animals in 2005. It can Hold water up-to 1.2 million gallons.

5. Turkuazoo, Istanbul, Turkey:

Turkuazoo - Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

The TurkuaZoo is the First Public Aquarium located In Istanbul, Turkey. It is Also one of the Largest Aquarium in Europe. It is a big cause of Attraction to Visitors coming to Turkey, along with that it is the centre of marine research and conservation. It can Hold about 1.32 Million gallons of Seawater.

4. L’ Oceanografic, Valencia, Spain:

L'Oceanografic - Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

L’ Oceanografic is a Marine park situated in the East of Valencia, Spain. It was opened in 2003 and it is Integrated with in a Cultural complex known as  Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències (City of Arts and Sciences). Features 45000+ animals and has an ability to hold 1.85 Million Gallons of water.

3. Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa, Japan:

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium - Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

Situated Within the Ocean Expo Park Okinawa, Japan. This Aquarium received its 20 millionth visitor on 30th march 2010. It is also the member of JAZA (Japanese association of zoos and Aquariums). Featuring more than 26000 Animals it can Hold up to 2.6 Million gallons of seawater which is pumped into the aquarium from 25m offshore 24/7.

2. Dubai Mall Aquarium, Dubai, UAE:

Dubai Mall Aquarium - Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

Dubai Mall Aquarium is Located on the ground Floor of Dubai Mall Aquarium, Having capacity to hold up to 2.46 million gallons of water in it. Dubai is Already having many Titles for example the tallest Building of the world (Burj-e-Khalifa). Comprising over 140 species and 400 Sharks and Rays Live in this Huge Aquarium.

1. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia, US:

Georgia Aquarium - Biggest Fish Aquariums of the World

Georgia Aquarium was the world’s Largest Aquarium when Opened in 2005, With the capacity of holding 8.5 Million gallons water. it was established with the funding of 2.5 Million Dollars from Bernard Marcus. and It showcases about 120,000 animals and 500 Species of Animals.

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